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Potassium K Liquid Plant Serum


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Fabricat in Romania

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Potassium or Kalium is one of the most important macroelements needed for aquarium plants. element necessary for a vigorous and healthy growth of plants and which must always be kept at a suitable level. In massively planted aquariums with strong light and co2, potassium helps enormously not to have a deficiency, but also to transport nutrients and trace elements to plants.


It plays a very important role in optimizing photosynthesis, in the construction of proteins, keeping the processes and production of plants in a constant state of activity. Potassium is absorbed by plants in larger quantities than any other mineral element, except nitrogen. We considered it necessary to separate it from the macro package, there are many times when the plants require fertilization with it separately. Prevents algae and contributes to healthy plant growth.

Informative Note: In planted aquariums where fertilizers are used, do not use filters that contain Active Coal or UV lamps, because the liquid substances will be damaged. These fertilizers are specially created to not damage the aquarium habitants, including shrimps. For an aquarium with healthy and strong plants, it’s recommended a weekly change of 35%-50% of the aquarium net water.

1ml of solution add`s to each 40 liters 1ppm aquarium water: 1.12ppm K

Content: 4.2% K

Do not ingest, the products are not edible! Plant Serum products are made in Romania.

Bottle Content – 500ml, 1000ml

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