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From passion for aquariums. We discovered this beautiful hobby years ago and since the beginning we were deeply impressed of the aquarium scapes. We like to create something that makes an impression, and aquariums helps us to be artists. We choose planted aquariums for the beauty of healthy aquarium plants which has no equal and because of the changes that you can easily do which creates the impression of a different aquarium.

Planted Aquariums is a company that has Plant Serum fertilizers as the main portfolio, a complete fertilization for aquarium plants. We created an ideal solution when discussing about aquarium plants ‘’food’’. We have the experience and determination to know what our aquarium plants truly want, when there are moments when fertilization makes the difference. Our main interest is quality, and plants reward us daily with intense colors and good health.

We are here because of our desire to make a difference. Serious and correct, experts and passionate, our interest is that every aquarist that interacts with us, will now for sure that the product we offer, will help him in his desired projects. We are a team that builds a brand based on your satisfaction, we are directly interested that what we do, will bring color in your aquariums.

A planted aquarium is full of life, an oasis of silence and relaxation after hours of work. To come back again and again in front of it, to discover the small underwater world. To make you pleasure when you interfere with this small piece of heaven, to give it shape and color, to have the strength of change so that every time there is something new. These changes, mainly come from plants, and healthy plants mean everything in planted aquariums. Therefore, Plant Serum helps you every time so that you can have strong and healthy plants, an important contribution to your ecosystem created as natural as you can

We, here at, together with the Plant Serum team, we always make sure that we offer your aquarium plants, everything that they need, mixtures for wonderful plants that delights every viewer. In the mandatory triangle, complete fertilization-co2-good light, our fertilizers play an important role in the life of aquarium plants. 


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