Terms and Conditions

The usage under any form (visiting or buying products) of the website, implies the acceptance of terms and conditions that are listed below. For the best usage of our website, we recommend reading carefully the document.


Site – domain

Buyer – any individual with minimum age of 18 years or legal entity that visits and/or places an order on the website

Seller – Trading company SC ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL, with headquarters on Pandurilor street nr.9, Ramnicu Valcea, registration number with Comercial Registry: J38/447/2016, Fiscal Code 36177195, Social Capital 200 RON, e-mail, phone number 0756835525

Goods and Services – any product or service, including the documents and services mentioned in the order that will be provided by the seller for the buyer.

Order – an electronic document that comes as a form of communication between buyer and seller, through which the seller agrees to deliver products and the buyer agrees to receive the products and pay for them

Contract – represents the distance contract made between the buyer and seller, without the simultaneous physical presence of the buyer and seller

General Information

Placing and accepting the order

By placing an order on the website, the buyers agrees with a form of communication (phone or email) through which the sellers runs his activity

The notification that the buyers receives from the seller via email regarding the order placed, has the role of information and does not imply accepting the order

The contract is considered signed between the seller and buyer during the confirmation, on a lasting storage method, buy the seller accepting the order placed by the buyer. A not confirmed order with not have contractual value between both parts.

The information presented on the seller’s web site, including this terms and conditions, have informational value and can be modified by the buyer without ahead notifications. The modifications will not have retroactive effects and they will be applied only for the orders placed after these modifications are applied.

Adding products or services on the website does not mean and does not guarantee that this products or/and services will be available at any time. We reserve the right to stop selling a product or service at any time.

The seller has the freedom of managing the received information without being forced to bring justifications. For questions regarding your personal data and instructions regarding accessing or deleting the stored information, please access the section Confidentiality.

There will be excluded or ignored from the website, opinions or appeals that contain abusive or inappropriate language

Payment Method

For orders placed on the website you can use 3 different payment methods:

  • Cash payment upon delivery
  • Credit card payment
  • Bank transfer


Cash payment upon deliver

The order payment will be received by the Delivery company representative or mail representative at the delivery moment, and it will be cash.

Credit card payment through Mobil Pay,

If you selected to pay via a Credit Card, it is necessary to fill in a form with your credit card information on a secured page

For payments with a credit/debit card with the logo Visa and MasterCard (Visa/Visa Electron and MasterCard/Maestro) the ‘’3-D Secure” system from these organizations is used. This system allows online transactions the same security level as an ATM or physical environment face2face with the 

Bank Transfer

The transfer will be made based on the invoice received via email. The order will be processed after we have email or phone (0756835535) confirmation for the payment

The payment has to be made in maximum 2 business days after we confirm the order. Otherwise, the order will be canceled, considered automatically that the person that placed the order does not with the products anymore.

*All displayed prices on the website contain TVA

**The displayed prices do not contain the Delivery Tax. The cost for each delivery is shown at the order confirmation moment. The stand cost for delivery is 24.90RON for orders in cities and without extra kilometers.

***There can be differences between prices displayed on the website and prices in physical stores that sell our products

Canceling the order

You can cancel or return an order from the moment it’s placed till the 14th day upon receiving the ordered products, without a certain reason. If you already made the payment for the order, the amount will be reimbursed from which we will hold an amount of 24.99 which is the return tax. In case you want to partially cancel an order then the delivery tax won’t be reimbursed as mentioned above.

You will be responsible for any reduced value of the products that result from using them in another way than they were meant to be used based on their characteristics and usage.

If you wish to cancel or return the order, please write to us via email or phone, using our contact information mentioned here and return the products in the time frame mentioned above. We will try to reimburse the payment through the same method used by you to make the payment, in the shortest time possible, and in a maximum of 30 working days from the moment we receive your order canceling notification, under the condition that we received the products mentioned in the canceled order or with the proof that these were shipped properly towards us

If the product/products that you received are damaged, please write to us based on the terms mentioned below in Warranty chapter and return the product/products. For any products considered damaged, we will reimburse the full amount.

The above mentioned terms does not affect or limit any rights provided by the law.

Intellectual property and industrial author right (DPI)

The website name and graphics are registered marks in property of SC ACVARISTICA SRL, this information can’t be transmitted or copied without the written agreement of the owner.

Failure to comply with these terms, legal actions will be taken confirm the current laws.

If the website website fails to comply rights regarding the intellectual property, please report this situations at:

Informations on website

The information displayed on the website have character information and can be different because of the inherent difference that can appear between pictures and reality. puts at the buyer’s disposal, clear and intelligible the following information:

  • The main characteristics of the sold products or services
  • All the company’s information (society name, address, phone number, etc.)
  • Every products price, total price of products and additional delivery cost, delivery price
  • Payment methods, delivery, usage
  • Information regarding returns, conditions, terms and procedures on how to manage these situations based on the current law.

ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL reserves the right to complete or modify any information on the website

ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL is not responsible for any mistakes made during a maintenance or not working website.

Payment Conditions


Pricing, payment method and the payment date are specified in the order. The seller will create an invoice for the buyer for the delivered products and services, the buyer’s obligation being to offer the necessary information in order to create the invoice based on the current law, at the moment the order is placed or later on in a timely manner

Conciliation Procedure

In case you are unsatisfied, please write an email at

Complaints that include conciliation issues can be made by any person that consider them self’s wronged.

After receiving a description of the situation, it will be analyzed in detail.

After receiving a complaint, a report with this case is created and sent to the general Manager, which will take a decision regarding this case. The customer will receive the answer in maximum 30 calendar days after receiving the case.

Until finalized, the entire conciliation procedure is confidential.

If conciliation is reached, the case is considered closed

Your rights to address at competent authorities or juridical instances after the case are not limited or restricted in any way.

Nothing from this terms or conditions do not exclude or limit your response regarding any aspect for which it could be illegal for us to limit or exclude ownership

Risks and responsibilities


The seller is obligated to deliver the products and services using proper delivery in the entire country.

We deliver the order from 1 to 2 business days, the orders are processed automatically after they are received and they are delivered in the shortest time possible.

In case the delivery will not take place in the time frame mentioned, the seller is obligated to inform the buyer about the new deliver date.

In case the buyer receives wrong information regarding the invoice or product deliver info, a new timeframe for delivery will be set, this timeframe being 3 business days from receiving the correct information


Besides the situation when the case is agreed by the buyer and seller, the delivery will take place in the conditions mentioned above

The seller will ensure proper packaging of the products and services and will ensure that proper documentations are delivered as well

Human rights

Art.9 – The seller is responsible for any lack of compliance for the customer, the moment the products are delivered. Art.10 – In case of lack of compliance, the user has the right to ask the buyer to send the compliant products without paying extra. Repair or replace, as state in art.11 or benefit from proper discount of price or termination of contract regarding that product basted on conditions of art 13 and 14

Art.11 – (1) In case of lack of compliance, the user has the right to ask the seller for repairing the product or has the right to ask for replacement of the product, in any case without payment, except for the situation in which it’s impossible or disproportioned. (2) A solution method will be considered disproportioned if it implies costs for the seller that are not reasonable compared with the other solution, taking in consideration: a) the value of product if there wasn’t a lack of compliance; b) the importance of lack of compliance; c) if the other solution can be applied without an significance inconvenient for the user. (3) A solution will be considered impossible if the seller can’t ensure identical products for replacing or change parts for the solution, including missing tools or the proper technology. (4) Any repair or replacement of products will be done in a timely manner as agreed in written by both parts, without any lack of compliance for the buyer, taken in consideration the nature of product and the purpose for which they were asked. The agreed period cannot be longer than 15 calendar days from the moment the buyer informed the seller about the lack of compliance. (5) In case of repairing the product, only new parts will be used.

Art.12 – Notion no pay, written in art 10 and 11, refers to all the necessary costs in making the products compliant, including postal costs, deliver, handling, diagnose, expertise, removal, assembly, materials used and packaging. 

Art.13 – The user can ask for a discount of price or termination of contract for any of the following cases: a) he does not benefit of repair or replacement of product; b) if the buyer did not offer a solution in the timely manner; c) if the seller did not offer a solution as mentioned in art.11. (4) without significative inconveniences for the user.

Art.14 – The user does not have the right to terminate the contract if lack of compliance is minor.


Property transfer

Products and services property will be transferred when the buyer makes the payment as specified in the order (accepting through deliver – signing the documentation provide by the deliverer)

If delivery is through a delivery company, they are not authorized by the seller to allow the buyer to open the products before signing the delivery, only after they sign the papers and pay for the order


ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL guarantees full return based on these Terms and Conditions with the condition that every specified product is returned properly in the same condition as delivered (without being damaged, washed, modified, etc.) and with intact label

If you wish to return a product, please inform up about this using our contact information specified in these Terms and conditions; please put the specified product in a package that will be delivered to us at the specified address in Terms and conditions and please be assured that the return package meets the proper return condition as mentioned above

The return cost (restocking fee) is 24.99 Ron.

Once the products are received, we will inform you based on the contact details provided by the buyer, confirming that we received the package.

The refund will be done via a bank transfer. If you paid cash, please provided us you bank details in order to process the refund


The seller is not responsible for any damage that the buyer or other part may suffer as a result of fulfillment from the buyer of any of its obligation regarding the order and any damage cause by using the goods or services after delivery, especially if losing the products

The seller is responsible if sub-contractors or partners that are involved in processing the order do not meet any of the contractual obligations

ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL is not responsible for indirect loses that come as a secondary effect of losing or main damage that may come, or if the products cannot be delivered or if the obligations listed in Terms and conditions are not meet and this impossibility is caused by a major force

The maximum value ceiling of your liability for us, for any loss or damage cause that it’s produced in your order will be limited at the total value of your order.

Other Terms

Contract parts will be considered independent contractors and none of these parts have the right or authority to assume or create any obligation for one and other or damaging each other. The terms and conditions from this document, replace any understandings previously mentioned in writing or verbal, between the mentioned parts, referring to the current contract and they can’t be modified or changed by any written agreement signed by both parts.

Accessing and using the website is done under the authority of this rules in the mentioned terms and conditions. Using the website, registering and accessing services imply accepting these terms and conditions with all their consequences.

Copyrights for the information listed on the website are owned by ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL. None of the website materials can’t be partially or fully reproduced without ahead written permission by ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL

The content of this website, text, graphics, software, logos and any other materials listed on the website are protected by the copyright law and are property of ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL

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