Fertilizer Micro Plant Serum


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Micro PLANT SERUM is a concentrated product with good quality chelated microelements, helps aquarium plants in photosynthesis and contains Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Zinc. It does not influence the water quality and due to the best quality chelators it is resistant for a long time, so the micronutrients keep their shape accessible to the plants throughout the lighting period of the aquarium.


    Micro fertilizer has great results even in massively planted aquariums with pretentious plants. For a correct fertilization, daily fertilization is recommended, but weekly fertilization can also be successfully applied, which means that the daily amount will be applied 7 times in a single dosage. Each time the bottle is shaken to disperse the deposits, it is recommended to dose before turning on the light. The dosage is 1 ml daily for every 40 liters of clear water.

    Micro PLANT SERUM is used together with macro PLANT SERUM, supplemented with DTPA chelated iron and is a complete fertilization formula for aquarium plants, they are a combination of macroelements and microelements with great results in plant growth and development, no other such products are needed.

    Informative Note: In planted aquariums where fertilizers are used, do not use filters that contain Active Coal or UV lamps, because the liquid substances will be damaged. These fertilizers are specially created to not damage the aquarium habitants, including shrimps. For an aquarium with healthy and strong plants, it’s recommended a weekly change of 35%-50% of the aquarium net water.

    A bottle of 1000 is enough to fertilize 40.000 liters of aquarium water.

    1ml dossage for every 40 liters aquarium Water adds   0.082ppm Fe ; 0.018ppm Mn ; 0.012ppm Zn ; 0.011ppm B ; 0.002ppm Mo ; 0.002ppm Cu.

    Content: 0.328% Fe ; 0.072% Mn ; 0.046% Zn ; 0.042% B; 0.006% Mo ; 0.009% Cu

    Bottle Content – 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1000ml

    Do not ingest, the products are not edible! Plant Serum products are made in Romania.


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