We consider assuring the right of data protection as a fundamental engagement, we will dedicate all resources and necessary efforts to use your date as mention in Regulations (UE) 2016/679(‘’General regulations on data protection or GDPR’’), as well as any applicable legislation on Romanian territory. Since one of the main essential principals of this legal act is transparency, we prepared this document through we wish to inform you about the way we collect, use, transfer and protect your data when you interact with us regarding our products and services, especially through our website. We reserve the right to update or periodically modify this Privacy Policy to reflect any modification of the way we use your date or any modification as law requests. In case of this type of modifications, we will display on the website the modified version of the Privacy Policy and that is why we ask you to periodically verify the content of it.

Who are we and our contact?

S.C.ACVARISTICAPLANTATA S.R.L, juridical entity with Romanian nationality, having social service in Ramnicu Valcea. In protecting personal data legislation, we are operators when we process your personal data

You can contact us on the phone number 0756835525 or on the address:

What it means to process personal data and what categories of personal data we process.

,,Processing’’ means any operation or set of operations that include personal data, with or without automatic systems like collecting, registering, organizing, structure,  stocking, adapting or modifying, extraction, consulting, using, disclosure by transition, dissemination  or putting at disposal in any way possible, alignment or combination, restriction, deleting or removing.

SC ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL collects the following data:

  • Identification data: first name, last name, CNP, email address, service address, phone number.
  • Electronic correspondence with the customer.
  • Cookies (Google Analytics cookies:_ga and _gid that are used to identify users, Facebook pixel)

For what purposes is SC ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL processing your personal data?

The purposes for which SC ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL is processing your data:

  • Offering services and products through available channels (internet, phone, etc.)
  • Activities within financial management, economic or administrative within SC ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL
  • Centralizing operations or maintaining an internal data base in which people information can be stored and used by the department structures of SC ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL
  • Contacting the Customer/authorized person through any communication method in order to inform/notify him about the contracted products (ex: expiration date, non-fulfillment obligations, modification/completed characteristics, costs, functionality, benefits)
  • Providing support services for Customers/authorized persons request (ex: additional information about the products, updating identification data, solutioning requests, complaints and formulated petitions) through communication methods (phone, email)
  • Creation or profile analysis for improvement of products/services, for personalized/general promotion, for making of direct marketing activities through communication methods (phone/email/fax/SMS or commercials that are address directly to a specific person) in case the customer agreed to this
  • Analyzing the behavior of a customer/authorized person that accesses the website, through cookies, of SC ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL and third parties with the purpose of providing a general or customer content, adaptable offers based on the user’s interests
  • Making internal analysis (including statistical analysis) based on products/services and user’s portfolio
  • Archiving the documents both physically and electronically
  • Resolution of disputes, investigation or any other requests/complaints involving SC ACVARISTICA PLANTATA SRL
  • For fulfillment of law obligations (salary papers, reports for public-funded institutions)


On what grounds is SC ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL processing your personal data?

SC ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL process personal data in the above-mentioned purposes and on the following grounds:

  • In the basis of the explicit consent of the customer
  • For processing on which the Customer/authorized person takes part of (Supplying the services/products) to already start the pre-contract on the customer’s request or provide the customer with products/services information offered by SC ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL
  • Based on legal obligations in charge of SC ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL. (ex: identifying fraud)
  • Based on legitimate interest of SC ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL (ex: centralizing operation, the function of a internal data base, fulfilling current operations for activities development, development and updating services,  assuring a high informatic systems security level, especially when it comes in discovering and minimizing risks that can affect SC ACVARISTICAPLANTATA SRL


For how long we keep personal data stored?

A general rule, we will stock your personal data as long as you have an account on our platform. You can always request for removing certain information or close the account and we will apply this request, saving certain information even after the account is closed, in situations in which the applicable legislation or our legitimate interests imply that.

Who do we send your personal data?

Depending on the case, we will transmit or offer access to certain personal data to the following recipients:

  • Providers of courier services
  • Provider of payment/bank services
  • In the situation of a legal obligation or its necessary to defend one of our legitimate interest, we can offer certain personal data to public authorities.
  • We assure that access towards your date by third party legal persons is realized in accordance with legal provisions on data protection and information confidentiality based on closed contracts with them


What are the consequences of refusing to communicate personal data?

Personal data processing requested by SC ACVARISTICAPLANTA SRL through the forms/other communication channels is mandatory, exception is processing is done only on the customers’ requests. In this case, the customer will be informed that providing data and the agreement is optional. In the other cases, refusal will result in the impossibility of providing services and products by SC ACVARISTICA PLANTATA SRL

In what countries do we transfer your personal data?

Currently we process and store your personal data only on Romanian territory

What rights do you have?

General regulations based on data protection will recognize a series of rights regarding your personal data. You can request access to your data, collecting any errors from our files and/or you can oppose towards processing your personal data. Also, you can apply your right to complain to competent surveillance authorities or you can address to justice authorities. Based on each case, you can benefit of the right to request deleting your personal data, the right to restrict processing your data and the right of data portability

To apply your rights, you can contact us on the contact details mentioned above. Please take in consideration the following aspects when you want to apply these rights:

Identity. We take the confidentiality of all personal data records seriously. Therefore, we ask you to send us your requests regarding this type of requests using the account email address at If not, we reserve the right to verify the identity by asking more information that have the purpose of confirming your identity.

Third party rights. We don’t have to follow a request if it negatively affects the rights or liberties of other persons.


You can request from us:

  • To confirm if we process your personal data
  • If we will provide a copy of them
  • To offer information regarding your personal data, like what data we have, what do we use them for, to whom we disclose them, if we transfer them abroad, how do we protect them, how long do we keep them, what rights you have, how to make a complaint, from where do we have your data, in case the information was not already provided to you through this communication



You can ask us to correct or complete your personal data that are inaccurate or incomplete

It’s possible that we will try to verify the accuracy of this data before correcting it.

Removing Data

You can ask us to remove personal data only in the following cases:

  • These are no longer necessary for the purpose they were collected, or you withdraw consent (in case data processing was based on consent)
  • you give a legal right to oppose
  • They were processed illegally
  • we have a legal obligation to do so

We have no obligation to comply with your request for the deletion of your personal data if processing of your personal data is required:

  • To respect a legal obligation
  • for finding, exercising and defending a right in court.

There are certain circumstances in which we are not obligated to respect your request to remove date, even though these two are the most probable circumstances in which we can refuse this request.

Please note that before exercising this right, you will download from the account and save all the documents related to the orders made at, whether the billing has been made to you or to another person or entity ( such as invoices, warranty certificates). If you do not do this before exercising the right to delete, you will lose all of these documents and will be unable to provide you, as the case may be, because the process of deleting the data, respectively the account, with all the data and documents related to it, is an irreversible process.

Restriction of data processing

You may ask us to restrict the processing of personal data, but only if:

  • • their accuracy is contested (see rectification section) to allow us to verify their accuracy;
  • Processing is illegal but you do not want the data to be deleted
  • • they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected, but you need them to find, exercise or defend a right in court
  • You have exercised the right to oppose you and checking whether our rights are prevailing is underway.

We may continue to use your personal data following a restriction request if:

  • We have your consent
  • • To find, exercise or secure the defense of a right in court
  • to protect the rights of or other individual or legal persons

Data Portability

You may ask us to provide your personal data in a structured format that is currently in use and that can be automatically read, or you may request that it will be “ported” directly to another data operator, but in each case only if:

  •  processing is based on your consent or on the conclusion or execution of a contract with you
  • Processing is done through automatic means



You may oppose at any time, for reasons related to your particular situation, the processing of your personal data on our legitimate interest, if you believe that your fundamental rights and freedoms prevail over this interest.

You can also oppose processing your data for direct marketing purposes (including creating profiles) at any time without invoking any reason, in which case we will cease this processing as soon as possible.

Making automated decisions

You can ask that you are not the subject of a decision based solely on automatic processing, but only when that decision:

  • Produces legal effects towards you
  • affects you in a similar way and to a significant extent

This right does not apply if the decision made following automatic decision-making:

  • we are required to conclude or run a contract with you;
  • It is authorized by law and there are adequate safeguards for your rights and freedoms
  • It relies on your explicit consent


You have the right to file a complaint with the authority regarding the processing of your personal data. In Romania, the contact data of the data protection authority is the following

National Authority of Surveillance and Personal Data Processing

B-dul G-ral. Gheorghe Magheru number. 28-30, Sector 1, postal code010336, Bucharest, Romania

Phone number: +40.318.059.211 or   +40.318.059.212;

Without prejudice to your right to contact the Surveillance Authority at any time, please contact us in advance, and we promise that we will do our best to resolve any issues amicably.












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